I have known Elizabeth for years… I was her preceptor on my home nursing unit.  She is such a sweet young woman, with such a deep love and devotion to her family.  It was without a doubt that I would travel states to capture her big day.  We were blessed with a gorgeous fall day, something I don’t get to enjoy much in Lafayette, LA.  It was pretty chilly there in NC and the wind picked up a few times, but everyone kept smiling and enjoying the day :)  She picked the wedding location because it was sentimental to her family.  pre-ceremony (49) pre-ceremony (20) pre-ceremony (102) DSC_4816-4 pre-ceremony (278) pre-ceremony (162) DSC_4598-2 DSC_4587-1 DSC_5399-13 pre-ceremony (44) DSC_5234-9 DSC_5241-10 DSC_5082-6 DSC_5107-7 DSC_5385-12 DSC_5473-15 DSC_5626-18 DSC_5498-16 DSC_5580-17 DSC_5770-20 DSC_5783-21 DSC_6138-23 DSC_6833-25