We were blessed with only a smidge of rain at the start of our day, and a clear cool evening for this wedding.  Jamie wore one of the most stunning, and perfectly suited dresses, that I have ever seen on a bride.  And that veil!!!!!  It was a gorgeous wedding at Colonel Francis Beatty Park in Matthews, NC.   Here is a small sneak from the event.

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Charlotte, NC Boudoir Photography

Boudoir sessions are one way to make yourself feel good about your body.  Sound silly?  It seems like it would be the opposite!  But having you hair and makeup done by professional so that your natural beauty is highlighted, wearing the most flattering clothing for your body type with my guidance, and being positioned in such a way that your best features are captured and your least favorite aspects are minimized MAKES all the difference in the world.  I typically travel within a 30 miles radius of Charlotte, NC for such sessions… but have traveled as far as Lafayette, LA for a session as well 😉


boudoir ex

I met Jacob and and Kelsey at their home in Chester, SC.  They are one of my 2016 couples.  I can not wait for their wedding next year!!!  We toyed around with locations.  Do we travel to Charlotte, NC for city shots or go to a farm in SC??  We ended up meeting at their home.  When I pulled up to their house, I was floored by all of the natural beauty that surrounded them.  I really enjoyed getting to know them better… and hearing the story about the house and Jacobs love for the property.  DSC_9147sadDSC_9219dsffdgDSC_9224sdfDSC_9243sdfDSC_8878sdfDSC_8908fsdg DSC_9258sdfDSC_8943sdfDSC_8916sdfDSC_8929sdfsdfDSC_9289sdfDSC_9049dfg2DSC_9100sdfDSC_9079sdg